WordCamp Islamabad is set for November, 2018

Drum roll please 🥁 as Pakistan is set to host it’s second WordCamp within a year just after 3 months of WordCamp Karachi, which was first ever WordCamp in Pakistan.

Venue & Event date

WordCamp Islamabad will be held on 10th November, 2018 at no other place than Bahria University.

What and Who regarding WordCamp Islamabad?

WordCamp Islamabad, like any WordCamp, is a community centric event organized by the members of WordPress community. Community is the essence of every WordCamp which means that these events are not only for developers, digital marketers, bloggers, tech-geeks, startups, entrepreneurs but also encourages people from all walk of life.

WordCamp Islamabad brings exciting opportunities

WordCamp Islamabad is bringing a lot of opportunities for attendees. Let’s discuss few of those.

  • It is a chance for enthusiasts to see WordPress professionals on-stage sharing their experiences as a speaker.
  • To finally meet in-person, all those people including your inspirations you know via your online social circle.
  • A day full of networking with like minded people, chance to discuss your next startup idea? and food… oh!

Attending WordCamp Islamabad

I have a feeling that this event has your attention already and you feel like you belong there during the event day. If that is case then confirming your seat to join others at event is easy as pies. It is just matter of getting yourself registered at the event website and paying for a fair priced ticket, which is totally worth your bucks.

  • Visit WordCamp Islamabad website and buy a ticket for the event after providing necessary details about yourself.
  • The good folks behind this event will confirm your seat and put you on the attendees page at the event website, which you can find here and that is all there is to it.

I hope this event will be a memorable experience for you and will bring some unique memories for you to have. Have fun!

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